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Cannon Hygiene UK

Proposed digital display for Aukland Airport.


Advertising, Digital

About This Project

We had previously designed a number of digital display graphics for Cannon Hygiene, a part of the OCS Group of companies, these devises are for placement outside washrooms in a number of key UK installations such as Birmingham’s NEC. The displays replace ‘ye olde’ clipboard, paper and pen information points which cleaning teams would keep updated as part of their daily duties. Today, such information points are more infographic and are updated from a central source by wifi but factor information such as time, date and local weather but more importantly, when the facility guarded by the information point was cleaned last. The screen display for Aukland Airport was no acceptation though in it’s conceptual stage and a proposal to the overseas airport by Cannon Hygiene, it does offer a more up to date format than that of their predecessors.