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Happy2Be and Dream2Be

Logo Design


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About This Project

Warrington based business owner and long time associate of Über, Rebecca Hancock, approached us to help design a fresh and inspiring look to her two developing businesses. The two identities have a very distinctive theme and form part of what maybe a future umbrella of services, as such the design portrays a recognisable style link between the two current businesses and we feel convoys the essence of these unique services.

Dream2be provides coaching and personal development focusing on empowering you to be who you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve. It offers a range of services from one to one coaching, email coaching to books and workshops, Dream2be can assist clients to live their dream, live their life and be happy. Happy2be helps compliment the services of Dream2be by offering a motivational clothing brand that has been founded to encourage clients to understand that happiness comes from within.