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WPL UK Ltd Branding

Brand Design


Branding, Logo, Print

About This Project

WPL is all about form. By nature of the products they design and manufacture there is no getting away from the very distinct geometric forms that roll out of their premises and don strong architectural structures and facades the length and breadth of the UK.


This was an opportunity to quantify their product forms depicted through their company brand image. The very deliberate dissection of the ‘WPL’ characters are designed in such a way as to purposely portray elements of the business represented by the ‘diagonal’, the ‘vertical’ and married with a dot to present a perforation, part of the clever manufacturing processes offered in their bespoke facades.


The overarching colour palette reflects an eco consciousness effected within the company ethos. A sophisticated green and dark grey help encapsulate the strong typography, whilst an avant-garde subsidiary colour suite has been designed to compliment the client’s comprehensive service offering.


The new WPL brand identity is distinctive, unique, trust worthy and confident. A modern statement which will carry the company forward for years to come, it signifies a new and encouraging direction for the future of WPL, a strong and positive stamp on their already successful business timeline!