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Working to enhance online ‘Programme Focus Reports’ for Soroptimist International (SIGBI)

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his week, we have been working with Ian Entwistle of Wildfire Information Systems Ltd producing web visuals for his client, SIGBI or Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) Ltd. We have worked with Ian previously on a number of projects for SIGBI improving the way their website functions. This time, the subject is ‘Programme Focus Report Extensions’. Sounds complicated, is complicated! But good design isn’t always about showing off, dressing everything in the latest fashion, colour or typeface, mostly good design is in the solving of problems and providing the best solution with the best outcome for our clients. We don’t just create designs that fit the current moulds and trends although this is our staple, we listen to our clients requirements and indeed their customers’ needs, working closely with our client to solve some pretty complex issues.


Soroptimist clubs around the world carry out projects to improve the lives of women and girls. These projects are promoted to the world via the Global Impact Report and are also used to underpin submissions made to the UN as part of Soroptimist International’s global advocacy work.


The project overview

The details of any projects are submitted to Soroptimist International via a Programme Focus Report Form or PFR.  Both Soroptimist Europe and Soroptimist North America use online submission forms (PFRF) in addition to paper-based versions.  SIGBI wish to provide their club officers with the ability to submit PFRFs online while at the same time exposing this information to members who may either search for a PFR or view PFRs linked to both clubs and regions and exposing the PFR information via the membership website.  SIGBI managers would also like to be able to analyse submissions from within the SIGBI Membership Manager application in order to produce financial or profile reports by region, club, country, community, group and so on.


For our part, we work closely with Ian, listening and dissecting his brief, solving problems of functionality and display. We are restricted in design by the SIGBI brand guides so this project is less about design and more about production but the end result is the same. In this case, we produce a step by step process, data driven and data capturing forms displayed within the SIGBI web framework, Ian’s clients can then see from our visuals how the final website PFRs will look and perform. Once the artwork has been signed off, we hand this over to the developers who in turn engineer the online version for the SIGBI website.


For more information on Wildfire’s other project experiences, visit our client’s website;